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Minimum Order Quantity:
500 pcs

Custom hinged boxes and magnet hinged packaging

Hinged boxes and hinged box packaging for products and gifts

Blue magnet hinged boxes with hot foil embossingNo standard packaging! No limits in the packaging design and packaging development! With our unique packaging and folding box packaging magnet flap is no limit to your creativity. Our individual packs are ideal as gift box, gift packaging and product packaging for items to be sold especially high quality and packed, but in which the package may cost too much. Because of the many ways to customize the packaging and shape, you get a unique packaging does not look like standard.

The core of the individually designed folding box packaging and packaging magnet flap is a 1.5 mm thick cardboard, which is coated with a 120 g / m² surface (Cloaked). Unlike other standard packaging and product packaging, you can choose not only between black and white, but the packaging can personalize in your company colors (Pantone). This provides a uniform design and a customized folding box as the product packaging. As a special feature can be the surface of all individual packaging folding box shape with different textures, in order to achieve special optical effects and to replicate some materials such as metal, leather or wood on the folding box packaging. A small selection of the wide variety of possible surface for our individual magnet flap folding box packaging and packaging can be found here in our overview for surfaces.

Black custom packaging with embossingThe outside of the folding box packaging can be individually up to 4C in the Pantone color printed entirely by screen printing or Digitialdruck. To refine the packaging and folding box packaging magnet flap in digital printing, the packaging with a further gloss Laminated foil-covered (), which provides for the special surface structure, the print on the packaging of individual Kalappbox necessary. Also, the individual folding box packaging is also on the inside of the lid refine up to 4C with its own individual logo. This provides a particularly high-quality appearance of the individual folding box packaging. For more information on the possible techniques of printing and finishing of packaging can be found on our site for logo printing.

Also for the inlay of the individual magnet flap folding box packaging and packaging no limits to the design of the packaging are set. Offers range from simple Pappfalzungen to Samtkarton with rubber bands to individually tailored foam inlays, which are adapted to fit the product to be presented.

Custom packaging with special logo printingSince each package is individually tailored to the particular product, there are no standardized prices. Below are some sample prices for some common sizes of packages.

Please direct your questions vary and depend individually as desired packaging or folding box magnet flap via our contact form, or send us an email to the is said to have Please call necessarily in your request, all relevant data for the packaging we would need the creation: desired measurements of the packaging, color of the folding box, logo affixed to the magnet flap, which inlay the product packaging, such as the foam of the magnet flap his will and whether a delivery date indicates up to where you need all the individual folding boxes or Magnetkappboxen.
If you can, you can also send us your product and we will create a matching folding box packaging and a custom inlay for the magnet flap. If you already have a reference magnet flap of a package or a packaging design have a folding box, even after your individual packaging to be produced, so please feel free to send this pattern and we will make a free offer for a post-folding box packaging of this individual.

Packaging with printed sleeveLaminated packaging with embossingPackaging with printed texture

Some sample sizes for hinged boxes

Sample prices for magnet hinged Boxes

Inside (mm)
500 pcs
1.000 pcs
2.000 pcs
5.000 pcs
(A4) 210x297x20 3,93 2,85 2,68 2,53
(A4) 210x297x50 5,25 4,72 4,51 4,19
(A4) 210x29x 80 7,09 6,50 6,03 5,86
(A5) 148x210x20 2,52 2,15 1,72 1,57
(A5) 148x210x50 4,07 2,74 2,59 2,51
(A5) 148x210x80 4,17 3,76 3,47 3,20
(A6) 105x148x20 1,72 1,43 1,31 1,04
(A6) 105x148x50 2,61 2,23 1,66 1,55
(A6) 105x148x80 3,35 2,36 2,18 2,04
(A7) 74x105x20 1,61 1,15 1,05 0,93
(A7) 74x105x50 1,85 1,56 1,45 1,11
(A7) 74x105x80 2,32 1,97 1,54 1,40
(A8) 52x75x20 1,35 1,09 0,88 0,78
(A8) 52x75x50 1,50 1,22 1,10 0,88
(A8) 52x75x80 1,72 1,46 1,33 1,05

All prices are in Euro, plus freight costs, plus VAT.

The named prices are only for example! Prices in offer may vary depending on desired size, logo positioning and pre-assembled Inlay! Please send a request for your desired package, so you get the exact price for your desired packaging.

Magnetklappbox mit HeißfolienprägungMagnet hinged box with custom foam inlayDifferent sizes of magnet hinged boxes

Some technical details

Details and Informations for custom packaging

Size No Standards, all sizes available
Minimum Order Quantity 500 pcs
Color for 500 pcs black and white
for 2.000 pcs all Pantone colors
Surface Common surface 123-035-06
More available for 2.000 pcs
Material 1,5 mm cardboard with a 120 g/m² in black or white (laminated)
Hinged lid Lid with one or more Magnetspots
Logoprint Screen print with 4C in Pantone, Digitaldprint 4C or silver hot foil embossing in Inside and Ouside
More Informations and Samples
Inlay Individually tailored foam of two different degrees of hardness. Alternatively, for a velvet-coated floor box and rubber bands Fixing

Reference packaging with blue lamination and logo printingMagnet hinged boxes in common sizesMagnet boxes for gifts and products
Boxes with velvet displayReference packaging with differen logo printingStandardverpackung für USB-Sticks