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Custom packaging sleeve made of cardboard

Product packaging with custom packaging sleeve made of cardboard

Custom packaging sleeveLooking for a cheap way to improve your product packaging with a print? Then, individual bands from a carton cheaper alternative for you. Unlike an individual imprint on an individual packaging, a custom printed cardboard sleeve from the customer will be deducted from the package and then have a completely neutral product packaging before him. Bands are therefore an ideal opportunity, therefore, the advertising print only temporarily on an individual package to install, because the band is removed after receiving the package. Also individual bands also serve as an additional transport protection for the actual packaging of damage and dirt to protect during transport. If you want to bring your product to product packaging in the mail to the customer, so are stamps and postmarks on the package no viable alternative. This may also be used in a band, which is directly printed with the address and digital stamps, and thus for a clean appearance of the packaging at the customer provides.

Packaging sleeve in all sizesThe basic material for each band is a solid 600 g / m² cardboard which is laminated with special films to worry about for a perfect surface for printing. The surface of the individual band can be individually designed and printed using digital printing or screen printing to 4C. For the structure of the surface is as in all other individual packaging a wide range of different surfaces and textures to choose from. A small overview of some available surfaces and structures can be found on our information page for surfaces and structures for individual packaging.

Printed packaging sleeveYou already own a product box with individual band and want to have reproduced this bundle now? Or you received a package from a marketing campaign with a banner that you like very well and you now want to have for your products? Then you can send us this reference packaging and product packaging and we will also create a free offer for the post production of this packaging. Also you can send us pictures of the packaging required to send