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Custom foam inlays made of EVA foam and cardboard inserts

Inlays for product packaging made of EVA and cardboard

Custom foam inlayTo each pot of matching lid, this also applies to individual packages with individual foam inlays. Not for every product there is a fitting EVA foam inlay for standard packages, so our inlays customized to your product and the packaging, so everything really sits down in the box. to fix to the most commonly used types of inlay to the product in a different packaging foam inlays are made of soft and hard foam EVA foam and folded cardboard inserts inlays and die-cut velvet and rubber bands for fixing. There is hardly a product for which no individual packaging can be achieved with individual cut EVA foam inlay.

Drawing with sizes of a foam inlayFor an inlay made of EVA foam material is cut from a large EVA foam block the desired dimensions of the inlay on the packaging. Due to high precision in cutting the EVA inlays can be here and small shapes and curves realized for more complex packaging. After cutting the EVA foam inlay blanks is cut with a special technique for the product in the recess of the box. Due to this particular art, it is possible to have a recess in the inlay without making an additional incision in the outer edges to have. This not only ensures a better appearance of the inlay, but also more stability within the packaging.

Foam in lay in black and whiteAnother alternative for an inlay in a product packaging is a cardboard insert. This individual cardboard insert consists essentially of a fixed 1.5 mm thick cardboard, which is desired still covered with a black velvet. This black box with velvet insert lies flat on the floor of the packaging and provides a very noble and high-quality optics. In order to fix the product on these individual deposit box with velvet, are located on the cardboard inlay at least two black rubber strap, by which the product is embroidered and are thus fixed on the box. As an additional option, the cardboard insert to be carried on the back and service like this stand inside the packaging, which is particularly well suited for presentations of the product inside the packaging.

custom foam pad in all sizesWant to have the opportunities to design an individual package and an inlay are diverse, so if you already have a custom inlay with packaging which you reproduced like, you can send us like this and we will make an offer for a free post-those containers with Inlay. If you have pictures of a reference product packaging or other packaging, you can also send us this contact us by email to the