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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions

  1. How long is your delivery time?

    Our delivery of packaging is generally 3-4 weeks. Shorter lead times of approximately 2 weeks are available on request. Please note that unknown factors may have such as the German customs impact on the delivery time.
  2. Can be printed on the packaging my logo?

    An custom printing of your company logo is available for minimum quantity of 500 pieces. The logo can be applied as hot-foil stamping or color printing. For color printing we need to print colors as Pantone color code.
  3. Why is it not possible to print my logo on Packaging in stock?

    Our packaging is just-in-time production from China. I.e. the packaging is only produced to order. To help purchasers can hurry, there's always some standard packages without logo in Germany in stock. On these packages, although subsequently no longer possible to print the logo, but they can also be delivered within 24 hours. If you have an agency's own printing house, you can refine our packaging without any problems even with a logo..
  4. What costs incurred on setup for printing or hot-foil stamping?

    There are no setu costs for printings or embossed. There are only the printingcosts itself. Many examples of prints or hot-foil stamping are available.
  5. Why have such high minimum Quantity?

    Unfortunately, we do not determine the minimum amount but our producers. Since we are direct importers and large companies receive from our goods, the supply is always sufficiently large. We guarantee the highest quality at unbeatable prices.
  6. Are there any over- or under deliveries?

    By shipping damage, it may happen that we have found defective Verspackungen. Above you will receive a credit or however it is already included in the invoice. Normally, one is under-but not more than 3-5%. There is no tradition of it, since we send the products to you counted.
  7. How is the logofile for the packaging printing needed?

    For the printing of the logo The logo is needed in a vectorized format, such as EPS, PDF or CDR. Pixel graphics like for example JPG, GIF or TIFF can not be used for a screen print on the packaging. After receipt of the logo you will receive a digital logo assembly will look like the finished product. For a pressure of one pixel graphics, digital printing is required for the additional costs incurred. Please ask us to do so.
  8. Why payment in advance?

    Our packaging is just-in-time production, accordingly, the material is also the time of order until purchased. Furthermore, the prices of current dollar exchange rate.
  9. Warum gibt es kein Skonto?

    To be able to deduct cash discount, it must be added before. Thus, the discount deducted always.
  10. My question is still unanswered, what's next?

    You can also contact us directly with your question. About our contact form or directly via email to the