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Gift wrapping, Gift Boxes and Product Packaging

Hinged cardboard boxes
Hinged cardboard boxes /
Magnetic hinged packaging
Lid and lift-off packaging
Lid packaging /
Slide packaging
Round cardboard cans and tubes
Round cardboard
cans and boxes
PP and PE plastic boxes
PP packaging /
  Plastic boxes
Metal tin cans of tinplate
Tin Boxes /
  Tinplate Packaging
Custom folding boxes made of cardboard
Folding cardboard boxes /
Folding packaging

Your desired packaging is missing?

We produce your desired packaging!

Custom amde packaging and inlays with logo printing and special surfaces

You already have your own packaging for your products but you are no longer happy with the price or your suppliers? Or you received a promotional gift packaging, which you now want to have for your advertising?

Just send us pictures or samples of your desired packaging, and we try to build a packaging according to your wishes!

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For each pot the right lid

Custom packaging in all sizes

You have the product, we have the right packaging! Whether a simple packaging, gift wrapping, gift box, packaging with magnetic or product packaging, our packaging can be adapted individually to your wishes.

For a professional look and feel of your products we provide many possibilities of individualization. Packaging with your logo, no problem! Packaging in you Companies color, also available! Customized inlays for your products, even that is no problem.

For each new production, the packaging can be individually printed with your logo or even the entire surface up to 4C with your product corporate design.

Custom packaging and gift boxes according to your wishes

Carton packaging, paper packaging, wood packaging, plastic packaging, polyethylene packaging, polypropylene packaging, folding carton, folding cartons, Faltverpackungen, folding boxes and folding boxes Magnet

We offer a great deal of diverse types of packaging materials and packaging for your product packaging. Our range is predefined on non-standard sizes or shapes, the packaging is produced entirely to your liking. The facilities for own individual packaging and product packaging are varied. For example you can create your own boxes for your products, create high-quality gift boxes for your best customers, wood packaging for a particularly noble appearance and feel of the packaging, or even round tea caddies and cardboard tea packaging.

White hinged boxes with logo printing

Custom packaging - Magnet hinged boxes

Our hinged box packaging with magnet form the basis of packaging design. You can identify the individual dimensions of height, width and length of the package itself. For the surface of the packaging, you can choose from a large catalog of many different textures and colors. For the color of the gift box you can choose any Pantonecolor. All individual folding boxes can be printed on the outside and on the inside with your logo or the desired motif. To save packing material for packing filler and cumbersome corrugated packaging, folding boxes to let our optimization also for sending and serve as direct as shipping container.

Lift-off box with lid and logo printing

Boxes with lid - Lift-off packaging

Sliding and lift-off packaging are particularly suitable for food packaging, as a high-quality presentation of the food they offer. As with the magnetic folding boxes and folding box packaging, can be used freely, even with the Slide and lid packaging and the size, shape and color. For this purpose also provides the great selection of surfaces and structures. All packages can be customized to the insides and outsides of their own designs and print logos. As a slide within the package can individually tailored Inlay EVA foam are used, or even folded cardboard inserts

Round cardboard cans

Round cardboard boxes - packaging for tea boxes, coffee cans and bottles of wine and booze

.Another popular type of packaging are round cardboard boxes which are ideal round shape as the packaging for bottles are based. Next use the round carton packaging, in addition to the packaging for bottles, is as a tea box or coffee can. The diameter and height of the packing can be determined freely, so can be produced for each bottle of the appropriate packaging. For tea boxes and coffee cans to the can in the inner specifically sealed with a special metal layer.The outside of the package can be individually with your own logo or designs created and printed. Hot foil stamping and embossing are also special possible on all packaging.

Custom plastic packaging

Plastic Packaging made of polypropylene and polyethylene

Packaging with a slightly different feel are PP plastic packaging such as polypropylene PP or polyethylene PE. These packages provide a special transportation due to their hardness of protection and an additional band for added support. The plastic packages will be closed by a magnet, which is located in the lid and the body of the packaging. The surface of the plastic can Transparencies on opalescent to opaque and be there in black and white. Outside and inside of the packaging is in screen printing with your logo design and refine. When an insert is tailored EVA foam used, which is precisely adapted to your product.

Tin box with window

Metal cans and tinplate packaging

Our metal cans made of tinplate can be in almost any shape and size of producing. The material used to create for our metal tins and cans, aluminum tin or on request to the appropriate package for your request. All tin packaging can be designed as a cover lid packing and also with a folding hinge. The outside of the boxes can be individually screen printed or digital printed with your logo. For the inlay can be a soft foam material used which adapts to the product, or a hard EVA foam, which is exactly tailored to their product. Also there is the possibility of a metal box with a window or a box of produce with perforated outer wall.

folding cardboard boxes

Custom folding cardboard packaging and folding boxes

A much more common way to present products cheap and attractive, but in order to increase sales are folding cartons and individual folding boxes. The possibilities are almost endless for folding carton boxes, since you can freely determine the shape and the size, colors and materials. There are no limits for your creativity to design a folding carton box that ensures optimum presentation of your product. Folding carton packaging also optimize the storage potential of the product and provide additional protection for transport. In addition to the outer carton can also be an individual inlay made of cardboard or foam are designed and decorated. The possibilities of form, colors and materials are nearby endless. Also velvet and silk Inlays for jewelry packaging, gift packaging or money are possible. Folding carton packaging can be designed as CD packaging or DVD packaging.