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Minimum Order Quantity:
500 pcs

Custom lift-off packaging and sliding boxes

Custom lid packaging for giftboxes and product packaging

Lift-off packaging in different sizesIndividual packaging and Sliding lid packaging is similar to our individual magnet flap folding box packaging and individual packaging, except that all four sides of the cover lid of an individual packaging and packaging sliding Boxesfree and so the lid of the individual packing slip lid can be removed completely. While in individual packaging of the folding box packaging and magnet flap cover and the mechanism for opening the packaging always fixed to the lower part of the individual packaging folding box is connected. Hence there is lid packaging and packaging Sliding principle and at least two separate parts to open the package. Because of the removable lid of the container or lid of the inner part of Sliding pull-out packaging, suitable packaging and Slide-lid especially well for presentations of high-quality products. Basic use of packaging and Sliding lid packaging as product packaging, as gift box for promotional products and advertising as well as individual gift packaging for jewelry.

All-over printed lift-off packagingThe basic material for each individual lid packaging and individual packaging Sliding a 1.5 mm thick cardboard is used, which virtually forms the basic structure of the individual packages and individual Slide-on lid. This is then laminated according to the customer with special surfaces and structures. The minimum order for all these packages and Sliding lid packaging is 500 pieces. In the minimum quantity requirement is a choice between a white and a black surface. A combination of two standard colors in a package is possible, so as the cover in white and the lower part are decorated in black. Also, it is also possible the various elements of the individual Slide-box and lid packaging differently to hide in the standard colors. Starting on a print run of 2,000 individual Stülpdeckelverpackungen for Farbfolienkaschierung can be any Pantone color can be defined.

Lid packaging in two colorsFor the surface of the individual and Lids Sliding packaging there is a wide range of different structures and textures, which can be embossed into the material. In the minimum requirement of 500 individual packages, the default interface is used 123-035-06, from an edition of 2,000 individual packaging, the structure and texture of individual and Lids Sliding packaging be used freely. In our overview of packaging for individual surfaces and Slide-lid packaging is a small selection of possible surfaces that can be embossed on each individual package and Sliding lid box. There are, for example Surface imitations of leather, steel, brushed metal or even carbon for all individual and Slide-lid containers.

black lift-off packaging for gifts and productsSliding all the packaging and packaging can be individually fitted lid with your logo or the logo of your customer improve. In general, all pages of an individual Sliding and Lids packaging, whether inside or outside refine with different printing and embossing techniques. The easiest and cheapest way to improve the Sliding box packaging is the printing of the logo on the packaging Sliding screen printing up to 4C. This implies the availability of data to be printed for individual Slide-on lid and packaging in a vectorized state. For very fine and high quality product packaging, also offers a silver hot-foil stamping, which characterizes the logo or motif with silver paint in the container or lid Sliding box packaging. Another alternative for applying a logo from an individual Sliding container or lid packaging, which is especially for photo printing is used, the digital printing. In digital printing can easily be mapped to an individual lid packaging or packaging Sliding any motive. For more information on our printing techniques and other alternatives for individual packaging and Sliding lid packaging, see logoprint.

Lard lid packaging in all sizesSliding lid with packaging and packaging can be any size or shape all realize that you need for a perfect presentation of your product. If one already have a picture of your desired package, you can send us this pleasure the and we will prepare a free quote for the production of this package. Also you can send us samples or reference manual packaging, is to be manufactured under the basis of your packaging.
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Some sample sizes for packaging for sliding packaging

Sample prices for lid and sliding packages


Inside (mm)
500 pcs
1.000 pcs
2.000 pcs
5.000 pcs
(A4) 210x297x20 3,93 2,85 2,68 2,53
(A4) 210x297x50 5,25 4,72 4,51 4,19
(A4) 210x29x 80 7,09 6,50 6,03 5,86
(A5) 148x210x20 2,52 2,15 1,72 1,57
(A5) 148x210x50 4,07 2,74 2,59 2,51
(A5) 148x210x80 4,17 3,76 3,47 3,20
(A6) 105x148x20 1,72 1,43 1,31 1,04
(A6) 105x148x50 2,61 2,23 1,66 1,55
(A6) 105x148x80 3,35 2,36 2,18 2,04
(A7) 74x105x20 1,61 1,15 1,05 0,93
(A7) 74x105x50 1,85 1,56 1,45 1,11
(A7) 74x105x80 2,32 1,97 1,54 1,40
(A8) 52x75x20 1,35 1,09 0,88 0,78
(A8) 52x75x50 1,50 1,22 1,10 0,88
(A8) 52x75x80 1,72 1,46 1,33 1,05

All prices are in Euro, plus freight costs, plus VAT.

The named prices are only for example! Prices in offer may vary depending on desired size, logo positioning and pre-assembled Inlay! Please send a request for your desired package, so you get the exact price for your desired packaging.

Some technical details

Details and Informations for custom packaging

Size No Standards, all sizes available
Minimum Order Quantity 500 pcs
Color for 500 pcs black and white
for 2.000 pcs all Pantone colors
Surface Common surface 123-035-06
More available for 2.000 pcs
Material 1,5 mm cardboard with a 120 g/m² in black or white (laminated)
Logoprint Screen print with 4C in Pantone, Digitaldprint 4C or silver hot foil embossing in Inside and Ouside
More Informations and Samples
Inlay Individually tailored foam of two different degrees of hardness. Alternatively, for a velvet-coated floor box and rubber bands Fixing