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Logoprint for custom packaging

Custom printing and embossing the customer´s logo or your logo on custom packaging

Surfaces and structure of an common hinged packagingIn order to customize our packaging, your logo is on every package to 4-color (4C) in the printing options (this is a lamination of the packaging can be applied prior necessary). This ensures a consistent look with the products they contain and also for a recognition effect, as the packaging in your company colors of the corporate design can be developed. The logo on the packaging can be applied both on the outside of the packaging than on the inside of the packaging, this creativity has no limits. Likewise it is possible all sides of a packaging printed with a logo.

Alternatively, there are folding box packaging and packaging lid also can change the logo with a silver hot-foil stamping on the packaging to mint. It is pressed with heat and pressure in the form of a silver foil logo on the desired side of the packaging, which is then absorbed by the process somewhat (embossed), both haptically and visually recognize is.

For the printing of the logo on the packaging, screen printing or embossing logo is needed in a vectorized format, such as EPS, PDF or CDR. Pixel graphics like for example JPG, GIF or TIFF can be used for a screen printing or embossing not used on the packaging. Pixel images can only be used for a digital, this is a special lamination of most packaging needed.
After receiving the digital data for printing logos, you will receive a digital mockup, which you can see how the packaging is produced and how the logo will be placed on the packaging.

Another alternative for metal packaging is the engraving of the logo on the tinplate packaging. At a laser engraving the top layer of the material is burned by the exit of the logo by the laser so the logo is burned into the material. An engraving is, therefore, as compared to a robust and long-lasting imprint.

A print of your USB stick or other promotional items is subsequently no longer possible in Germany. For this you would need to purchase items directly from us, so that they can be printed directly from the factory.

Digital logo printing on magnet hinged box
1C silk-screen prinring on pp box
1-color screen printing (1C)
silk-screen printing on tinplate packaging with window
3-color screen printing (3C)
White box with 4C screen printing
4-color screen printing (4C)
Hinged box with 2C screen printing
2-color screen printing (2C)
Schwarze Klappbox mit Prägung
Hot foil embossing