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Custom plastic packaging PP PE

Packaging made of plastic for product packaging and gift boxes

Plastic PP PE packaging in black and whitePopular as product packaging for small devices such as USB flash drives or dongles are individual plastic packaging. In contrast to individual folding boxes or hooded individual packages Plastic packages are completely rigid and deformable, which provides for an additional transport protection of the product. Individual plastic containers are sprayed with an Mouldings in the desired shape and cooled, is mainly used as material of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP. For the color of the packaging will be added to any Farbpikmente thanks to the plastic pellets technique.

As a standard color can for our plastic packaging, the colors white, semi-transparent white, black and semi-transparent black can be selected. Depending on customer requirements and can support the individual plastic packages are also produced in other colors. By varying the treatment techniques can produce the surfaces of the plastic packaging from opaque to milky gloss and finish.

1C printed plastic packagingBecause of the special surface properties of individual plastic packages that can be both the inside and on the outside printed in full surface screen printing to 4C in the Pantone color space. Through these processing techniques may own logo or customer logo desired liquid on the plastic packaging. Thus, for example in an opaque packaging are printed with product name and on the inside of the plastic packaging is used in addition to a small instruction manual as the product on the outside of the plastic packaging its own logo. For more information about how you can design your own individual plastic packaging and printing techniques which are available, visit our information page logo print.

Black plastic packagingIn an edition of 500 packages they can choose a basic shape of the packaging from our portfolio and get help for your special inlay for their product. From an edition of 5,000 pieces, you can even create their own free-form and color of the plastic packaging. As another design option for an individual plastic packaging to provide a cardboard sleeve, which also can be custom printed with your designs and logos. For the band, there is also the option to print them in Digitaltdruck why complex pixel graphics and photo opportunities can be realized.

Custom plastic packaging in different sizesTo ensure your product within the plastic packaging for optimum support, you have a large selection of different types of inlays. For the inlay by default a hard EVA foam is used, which is tailored to your product, thus ensuring a fixed position within the packaging. may alternatively use a softer foam, which can adapt better because of its coarser pores to small complex contours.

If you already own a plastic packaging for your products, you can let us send you a sample of their packaging and we will make a free offer for a post-production of plastic packaging. If you reference images present a different package, even after your individual plastic packaging should be designed and produced, so you can also send you pictures of the