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Round cardboard packaging

Custom round cardboard packaging for tea box and coffee cans

Different tea boxes and coffee cans packagingEveryone knows it, everyone has them! Tea boxes, coffee cans, cardboard. Round cartons find much use in individual tea boxes, coffee cans packaging, but also a lot in high spirits or other beverages. Very popular are round cardboard packaging for bottles of rum, whiskey bottles and bottles of cognac as they provide a particularly noble appearance of the liquor bottles. Because of the many ways to customize a round cardboard box, it can be customized for virtually any product such as bottles or loose tea and coffee..

Special foam inlay for bottlesTo provide an additional bottle of spirits transport protection, an individually tailored inlay of foam are produced for the bottle. This foam insert is precisely adapted to the bottle and cut, so that the product inside the packaging has no margin and thus is embedded secure. For this inlay you can choose between traditional soft foam and specialized solid EVA foam inlays. For the EVA foam inlays can be defined from an edition of 2,000 continuously packaging the strength of the foam.

Custom printing on bottle boxesAll round cartons Seen in the base material from a 0.5 - 1.5 mm thick cardboard, which can be freely defined for a production. This round cardboard base is covered with special film, laminated to ensure a high quality surface for individualization. All exterior surfaces and can be customized up to 4C are screen printed or with more complex graphics such as photo opportunities or color, they can also be applied in digital printing. For printing the full Pantone color space is available with all the special colors such as gold and silver. Another special opportunity for high-quality printing on the packaging is the foil stamping and Bildprägen the outside. For this purpose, with a hot stamping into the desired motif (marked as desired with paint or "blind") in the material, making it visual and tactile exercise on the individual packaging. Further information on all printing techniques and possibilities of printing can be found on our site logo print.

Reference packaging and packaging from other marketing campaigns you can send us and we will gladly create a free offer for the post production of this package. You can also let us feel free to submit pictures and technical details of your product packaging to

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